About us

The Lower Hawkesbury Aquatic & Recreation Association (LHARA) is an incorporated association established in 2019 and includes representatives of Brooklyn-based sailing and paddling clubs and Brooklyn Community Hall Project Committee.

LHARA works to facilitate cooperation and coordination between Brooklyn-based boating clubs to improve safety and practicality of on-water activites, and open opportunities for members and the public to experience passive boating on the river.

LHARA is also the advocate (on behalf of members) for improved infrastructure for sailors and paddlers, and a mixed use community facility at Parsley Bay. Explore our Parsley Bay centre concept elsewhere on this website.

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Sailing Club – A fully volunteer-run club and enjoy fabulous support from the families of current and former sailors, as well as local businesses. Hawkesbury River Dragons – The club, which welcomes paddlers of all ages, combines a competitive spirit with a community-minded social atmosphere.
Hawkesbury River Yacht Club – The HRYC fleet currently comprises yachts ranging from 6 to 13 metres, but also welcomes trailer sailors and sports yachts. Hawkesbury River Sailing Club – Currently race a mixed fleet of trailer and fixed keel yachts on courses set on the lower Hawkesbury River and Broken Bay.